61% of Catalonia is forest land which plays a vital role in shaping our landscape. This land is considered a mainstay in the development of our country and is the basis of a great many activities, as well as providing very important resources and direct and indirect benefits for the whole of society.

The evolution of society in recent decades has brought about widespread alienation from the Environment. This has resulted in its neglect, to the detriment of its conservation and of forestry operations such as prevention of forest fires, road maintenance, logging, etc.

In order to alleviate this situation, we offer forest owners:

  • Guidance and planning of the most suitable management model for each profile.
  • Implementation and comprehensive monitoring during the planning period.

SALA FORESTAL SL has a high percentage of return custom from estate owners who, satisfied with our previous forestry operations, choose us manage them once more. The fruit of experience, trust and the professionalism of three generations of loggers.