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SALA FORESTAL wins the SECURECHAIN of biomass in Catalonia

Sala forestal, SALA FORESTAL wins the SECURECHAIN of biomass in Catalonia

SALA FORESTAL is one of the four biomass catalan companies selected of 10 in all Catalonia (Spain) to carry out an European project called SECURECHAIN.  This European project belongs to a bigger European Progamme which is called HORIZON 2020. So, SECURECHAIN's target is to improve biomass supplier chains into EU.  

The SECURECHAIN biomass project in Catalonia (Spain) relies on Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Technologic Forestry Centre of Catalonia. This project is a companion project during two years and a half with other European Regions like: Eastern Netherlands (Netherlands), North Renania-Westfalia (Germany), Smaland (Sweden), Western Macedonia (Greece) and Estonia. Also, it wants to improve cooperative and interconnected net between biomass suppliers. The SECURECHAIN's board has selected 4 of 10 biomass producers in Catalonia in its first edition contest.    

The SECURECHAIN project for biomass companies contains: specific training sessions, Polytechnic University and Technologic Forestry Centre of Catalonia assesment and cooperation with other European companies of biomass.

The SECURECHAIN project for SALA FORESTAL SL means an innovation and an improve step process, in order to increase the SALA's biomass production in Catalonia (Spain) and SALA FORESTAL will be an important biomass supplier in the Catalan Transborder Eurodistrict.