We at SALA FORESTAL SL are committed to maximising the energy recovery of timber and forest products through the production of forest biomass throughout Spain and France, in the form of woodchips for energy consumption in boilers. To this end we have:

  • Our own facilities for producing woodchips for energy production with periodic checks of humidity, chip size and heating power which ensure high standards of quality in the chips.
  • Personal delivery of woodchips to the home, using either 30 m3 pneumatic containers which guarantee clean and efficient delivery, or through normal 26 m3 containers, or by means of lorries with 90 m3 moving floors. We adapt to the customer’s needs.
  • Customised estimate and personal advice on the supply of woodchips, depending on: consumption, space, unloading type and type of biomass boiler.
  • Timber from our own logging operations, which enables us to guarantee regular and continuous delivery of woodchips.

What sets our woodchips apart from those of the competition?

  • Great heating power. SALA FORESTAL SL woodchips have a relative humidity of less than 30% and come from 100% conifer wood, meaning that the heating power is high, as is the efficiency of the biomass boiler.
  • Uniform particle size. We produce woodchips with particle sizes from G-30 to G-100, depending on the customer and their needs, and we ensure a level of particle size uniformity that increases the efficiency of the biomass boiler, as no blockages are produced in the feed system.
  • Security of the supply of woodchips. We guarantee continuity of supply volumes for every customer.
  • Sustainability. The timber used to produce the woodchips comes from forests operated and managed under criteria of sustainability and PEFC standards.
  • Large stock of woodchips for immediate delivery, thanks to the annual rotation of 4000 tonnes of timber from our drying yard, which enables us to provide a very rapid action response.

SALA FORESTAL SL also produces and manages holm oak and oak forest biomass in the form of household firewood.